About Me


My name is Ian.

I have been in the advertising industry for more than 20 years. I functioned in both Media Planning/Operations and Client Servicing Departments.

Having worked in one of India’s finest Advertising firms, MLM and Editing Studio, I felt it was time that I was independent, running my own online business.

I ran a Computer Institute (WDDA) for 3 years in Mumbai between 1999-2002. We taught Programming, Web Development and Digital Design.

Now, I’m an internet marketer who passionate about of making money online, love reading digital marketing books, love listening to music, playing the guitar and surfing the Internet everyday.

I started 6 years ago doing Affiliate Marketing – building 60+ websites & Facebook Marketing. 4 years ago, started with Online T-shirt marketing & 2 year back, CPA Marketing.

I only recommend powerful tools, Plug-ins, Training Courses or Software which gives me pretty good results and only provide reviews about what i need for my business. These tools can give you great results by increasing your conversion, traffic, productivity, efficiency and most importantly profitability!

Thank you for visiting my website or fanpage and reading my reviews.

If you need any help or you have any question, don’t hesitate to leave comments below. I will reply within 24-48 hours.

Best regards!

Ian Padua